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Japanese Style Gardens Book Cover Japan America Society Authors' Series
"Japanese Style Gardens of the Pacific West Coast"

Dr. Kendall Brown
Japanese Style Gardens of the Pacific West Coast

From 1890 to the present, Japanese-style gardens have been built on the Pacific West Coast so skillfully and in such large numbers that they have become an integral part of the region's landscape and culture. With splendid color photography by Melba Levick, Dr. Kendall Brown's book explores the significance of these delightful and elegant landscapes, presenting the gardens as being distinctly North American rather than as imitations of "authentic" gardens in Japan.

Kendall H. Brown holds a Ph.D. in art history from Yale University and has published monographs on sixteenth-century Japanese paintings and on early-twentieth century Japanese prints.

For updates or a schedule of Japan America Society's Authors' Series, please contact the Japan America Society of Southern California, 505 South Flower St., Level C, Los Angeles, CA 90071-2101.

A Gesture Life Book Cover"A Gesture Life"
Chang-Rae Lee
A Gesture Life

A Gesture Life is the story of an upstanding citizen, Franklin Hata, a Japanese man of Korean birth whose life is beginning to unravel. Chang-Rae Lee's haunting novel is also about the ways outsiders conform in order to survive and the price they pay for doing so.

Natvie Speaker Book Cover

The New Yorker included Chang-Rae Lee as one of the 20 best writers under 40. His first novel, Native Speaker, won the 1996 Hemingway Foundation/PEN Award for First Fiction, among other accolades.

SONY Book Cover "SONY:   The Private Life"
John W. Nathan
SONY:   The Private Life

A professor of Japanese Cultural Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, John Nathan pulls the veil from one of the most spectacularly successful and secretive postwar corporations:   Sony. From its inauspicious beginnings amid Tokyo's bomb-scarred ruins to its role as the world's chief purveyor of electronics and mass culture, Sony has been one of the great commercial fables of our age. Nathan dissects the fable and uncovers persuasive evidence that Sony's biggest triumphs and most calamitous failures emerged from the dizzying web of intense relationships that have always permeated its top ranks.

Nathan charts this emotional web as no other writer has or could, by drawing on his unmatched expertise in Japanese culture and his unique access to Sony's inner sanctum. The result is at once an engrossing chronicle of astounding entrepreneurship and a poignant account of loyalty's consequences. With authority and wit, Nathan dispels the myths that surround Sony and delineates the corporate drama at its apex.

Tokyo Underworld Book Cover "Tokyo Underworld"
Robert Whiting
Tokyo Underworld
You Gotta Have Wa Book Cover

Tokyo based Robert Whiting is the author of the great baseball book, You Gotta Have Wa and is one of the very few Westerners to write a regular column in the Japanese press. He has appeared as a commentator in documentaries about Japan and on such shows as Larry King Live and The MacNeil Newshour. He has also written for The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Smithsonian, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, and Time, among other publications.

"A thoroughly engrossing story of Japan's postwar underground empire. Tokyo Underworld is a comprehensive and intriguing expose of an unholy web of colorful gangsters, politicians, ex-GIs and corporate titans. Whiting has presented a riveting slice of history that is little reported or known in the West." – Gerald L. Posner, author of Killing the Dream.

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