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Doing Business Abroad Philippines
by Terri Morrison
  • Foreign businessmen should shake hands firmly with Filipino men.
  • Traditionally, there was no physical contact between men and women in public.
  • Today, however, most Filipino business-women will offer to shake hands.
  • Observe titles:   Filipino companies often reward employees with titles instead of additional pay or responsibilities.
  • Upper-class Filipinos may follow the Hispanic tradition of having two surnames:   one from their father (listed first), followed by their mother's.
  • Most Filipinos have nicknames, which may sound incongruous to foreigners.
  • Foreigners must be punctual.
  • Without introductions, it is very difficult to meet with decision makers.
  • Filipinos rely heavily on their feelings and personal relationships.
  • Restrain your temper and speak in quiet, gentle tones. While Filipinos try to avoid conflict, if you express anger, it may easily provoke a similar response.
  • Trying several local dishes (for example, bogoong and balut) will endear you to the Filipinos. Don't be squeamish.
  • Celebrate your new deal at a prestigious restaurant.
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