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Doing Business Abroad Taiwan
by Terri Morrison
  • A nod and slight bow is appropriate for a first meeting with senior Taiwanese.
  • Younger, foreign educated Taiwanese commonly shake hands – with a longer, less forceful grip than in the U.S.
  • Taiwanese women might refrain from shaking hands.
  • Titles are important and names are listed in a different order than in the West, for example, Chang Wu Jiang, Ph.D. = Doctor Chang.
  • Taiwanese wives might not use their husband's surnames. If Li Chu Chin married Chang Wu Jiang, she would be Madame Li, not Mrs. Chang.
  • Be punctual, but do not get upset if your counterpart is late.
  • Traditionally, many people nap between 1:30 and 2 p.m.
  • Include an older person in your negotiating team. The Taiwanese respect age and knowledge.
  • Brutal honesty is not appreciated.
  • Humility is a virtue.
  • Hospitality is very important. Expect to be invited out every night.
  • Eat lightly at the beginning of a meal. There may be up to 20 courses!
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