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Connie's Cuisine
Join Connie Hom as she shows us how to prepare fried rice.
  Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Chopsticks...
But Were Afraid You'd Drop in Your Lap

Somewhere in Chinese history, some ravenous and enterprising person used a pair of long straight sticks to pluck up a morsel of food and eat it, steaming, from the cooking fire. Thus, the first pair of chopsticks was born. (Part 1)
  A Diner's Guide to Chopsticks
As you celebrate the New Year, you won't want to make any chopstick faux pas! Discover the proper use of chopsticks and some pointers on what is and is not good chopsticks behavior! (Part 2)
  Jianbing Guozi and Jiaozi Recipes
Our Chinese author shares special dishes that you don't find elsewhere. Here are two of her favorites:   jianbing guozi and jiaozi.
  Eat Drink Man Woman - Starring .... Food
Over 100 different recipes were used in Eat Drink Man Woman with each dish authentically prepared for its presentation on the screen. Ensuring the authenticity of the recipes used in the film, food consultant expert Lin Huei-Yi was called in for recipe selection. In this issue, we share some of the recipes from this movie.
  The Story of Rice
You wash it, you cook it and you probably eat it daily. Rice the staple food for 99% of Asia, and revered the same way chips and potatoes are in the UK. Yet, do we know anything about the origins and history of our favorite food? Probably not, so join us in some tales and stories of why rice has played such an important part in Asian history and culture.
  Asian New Year's Recipes
Deep-Fried Rice Cake Soup, Japanese Style Roast Beef, and Chinese Rice Cake (Nian Gao) are all eaten by Asians for the New Year. This year you too can celebrate the New Year with these special dishes!
  Grandma's Kitchen:   Suggested Vietnam Cookbook
The Food of Vietnam cookbook provides an exciting collection of over eighty authentic recipes from the heart of Indochina.
  Grandma's Kitchen:   Sake Pure + Simple
The Food of Vietnam cookbook provides an exciting collection of over eighty authentic recipes from the heart of Indochina.
  Grandma's Kitchen:   Suggested Asian Cookbook
The Good-For-Your-Health All-Asian Cookbook, featuring over 220 easy-to-follow recipes, with ingredients that can be bought at most local food stores, will please all lovers of Asian food.
  Grandma's Kitchen:   Chicken Adobo Cebu-Style!
I always have a feeling of being home every time my mother would cook a certain dish from the Philippines. Nothing reminds me of home more than the aroma of garlic and vinegar wafting from the kitchen from a bubbling pot of adobo. It is a dish that is distinctly Filipino. Ask any Filipino about adobo and you'll get a smile every time. It's the one dish you will always find in family gatherings.
  Grandma's Kitchen:   Hot Pot Party!
One of the wonderful things about a hot pot is that you can add almost any meat or vegetable, creating a unique eating experience each time! A great party idea - definitely different from your usual dinner party!

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