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1998 - Year of the Tiger (continued)

If your year is not listed below, keep adding twelve to the year of your birth until you match one of the years listed.

Rat 1960 1972 1984 1996
Ox 1961 1973 1985 1997
Tiger 1962 1974 1986 1998
Rabbit 1963 1975 1987  
Dragon 1964 1976 1988  
Snake 1965 1977 1989  
Horse 1966 1978 1990  
Sheep 1967 1979 1991  
Monkey 1968 1980 1992  
Rooster 1969 1981 1993  
Dog 1970 1982 1994  
Pig 1971 1983 1995  

Next check below for what you can expect for your sign in the Year of the Tiger and who shares this sign with you:

Rat:   Energetic, creative, charming, ambitious (to an extreme), alluring, inquisitive, witty, honest, thrifty but taken in by bargains, hard working, generous to friends, bright, happy, sociable. Can be over critical, manipulative, small-minded, and gossipy. Good as a publicist, salesperson, writer, or critic.
Past Rats:   Shakespeare, Mozart, Churchill, Washington, Tolstoy, Mozart, Jules Verne, Marlon Brando, Adlai Stevenson. Compatible with Dragons, Monkeys, not with Horses.
In 1998:   A bad year for speculation, prone to misunderstandings, possible loneliness due to a death. Also you may travel more than usual.
Ox:   Leader but loner, patient, precise, hard working, proud, reserved, strong, persistent, conservative, steady, trustworthy, introverted but a commanding and eloquent speaker, naive in relationships. Also vengeful, obstinate, demanding, slow, sore loser, jealous. Good as a surgeon, general, or hairdresser.
Past Oxen:   Hitler, Johnny Carson, Malcolm X, Bill Cosby, Napoleon, Van Gogh, Richard Nixon, Margaret Thatcher. Compatible with Snake or Rooster, not Sheep.
In 1998:   A hard time full of conflicts, but with patience you will eventually perservere. Avoid taking unnecessary risks this year.

Tiger:   Noble, aggressive, frank, generous, polite, brave, deep, sensitive, leader. Also conceited, undisciplined, stubborn, disobedient, hasty, hot-tempered, argumentative. Good as a boss, explorer, race car driver.
Past Tigers:   Evil Knievel, Hugh Hefner, Marco Polo, Mary - Queen of Scots, Dwight Eisenhower, Queen Elizabeth II, Ho Chi Minh. Compatible with Horse, Dog, not Monkey.
In 1998:   Not a bad year since many will come to the your aid in your time of need. However you void taking risks and expect unplanned spending and a hard time saving money.

Rabbit (Cat):   Clever, peaceable, prudent, cultivated, gregarious, tactful, sensitive, companionable, virtuous, gifted, articulate, compassionate, luckiest of all signs. Also old-fashioned, devious, unimaginative, touchy, private, squeamish, hypochondriacal. Good as a lawyer, diplomat, actor.
Past Rabbits:   Harry Belafonte, Queen Victoria, Fidel Castro, George C. Scott, Einstein, Confucius, David Rockefeller, Henry Miller, Benjamin Spock.

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