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Women in Martial Arts
Women participating in the martial arts should expect reactions from people ranging from total support to subtle condescension to downright derogation. Here are a few candid thoughts about women in the martial arts.

Korean Martial Arts
Korea offers a plethora of martial arts. The highest goal of the Korean martial arts is not to protect the body from aggression or to win Olympic medals, but to master one's self through rigorous training and concentration.


The Way of the Shadows: Martial Arts Training for the Blind Warrior
How could a blind person do battle with what he or she cannot see? Follow one instructor's development of simple and practical methods for people with visual disabilities.


Safety First
Find out how one martial arts instructor reacted to a home thief and what we can learn from his experiences.


My Life and Ju Jitsu
Author tells us of the great sense of purpose and confidence Ju Jitsu has given her and continues to build.


Ba Gua Zhang (Eight Diagram Palms)
Ba Gua Zhang exercise teaches one how to integrate the mind, body, and spirit into one unit.


The Chinese Spear:   The King of Chinese Weapons
The spear (ch'iang/qiang) is considered to be the oldest military weapon in China. Find out more about the Chinese spear in this fascinating article.


The Effectiveness of Martial Arts Today
In this article we study the issue of effectiveness of the various styles of the martial arts in existence today. Find out about this martial artist's theory of the "mason jar effect" and the five principles for technique development.


The Mind of the Strategist:   Knowing the Questions
Before you can conquer the opposition, you must first conquer yourself. This can be done through the process of self-questioning. This article focuses on some of those questions, based on the teachings of Sun Tzu.

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