Police Martial Arts
Police Martial Arts Instructor Accreditation Program

What is a Police Martial Art?
A "Police Martial Art" is a system of martial arts-based methods intended to be used by a person with lawful authority and justification to use force to arrest and restrain another person. A person who has a lawful obligation to "cause the peace to be kept."

Police Martial Arts Association International (PMAA)
The PMAA was founded in 1993. It is the first and largest international police martial arts organization. The association serves as a resource network for law enforcement and martial arts participants from 34 nations.

The Goal "One Purpose - One Standard"
The goal of the Police Martial Arts Instructor Accreditation Program is to introduce:
  1. International Code of Conduct Ethics
  2. International Rules of Protocol
  3. International Application Safety Boundaries
  4. International Accreditation System
Program Development
The Police Martial Arts Instructor Accreditation program was developed following a five year study involving instructional practices, training material, use-of-force policies, instructor qualification standards, academic resources, public and private training centers, and case studies.

"ORDO-IUSTE" The Latin phrase "Ordo-Iuste" is the ethical code of conduct for all Accredited Police Martial Arts Instructors. The phrase stands for "ORDER-JUSTLY." "Ordo-Iuste" is the guiding philosophy of the Police Martial Arts Instructor Accreditation Program.

Who should judge what meets the standard of "ORDO-IUSTE?"
Who should judge what best meets the standard of Order-Justly? We feel that the community should decide. There should be no arrest method which could not be witnessed by the community.

The Accreditation Process
  1. All participants begin at the same point regardless of previous qualifications or experience.
  2. Presentation review by a three member local community panel.
  3. Presentation review, video tape or photographic documentation.
  4. Review by a three member alternating panel of international experts.
  5. Process integrity review by independent evaluators.
  6. Commission of appeals (in the event of inconsistency).
  7. Participant advised of completion results.
  8. Accreditation registered and granted to qualifying participats.
  9. Renewal of accreditation required every five years.
Further information may be obtained from the Police Martial Arts Association International website or by contacting Doug Devlin & Foster MacLeod, Presidency Council, Police Martial Arts Association International, P.O. Box 7303, Riverview, New Brunswick. Canada. E1B 4T9; e-mail: accreditation@policemartialarts.com 506-387-5126.

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