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Respectfully, Ground Zero
A Visit to the Site of the World Trade Center

World Trade Center, Ground Zero World Trade Center, Ground Zero World Trade Center, Ground Zero

Visitors to the viewing area at WTC site.

Photo of Deutsche Bank building at WTC site

The Deutsche Bank building, also known as One Bankers Trust Plaza Building, across from where the World Trade Center's south tower once stood. The Deutsche Bank buildings is the last of the structures damaged by the attacks to be excavated. It has been covered with a black, mesh shroud since shortly after debris from the collapsing tower cut a 24-story gash in its facade. The tower was built in 1974 south of the World Trade Center for the Bankers Trust bank.

The 40-story building has a facade of black anodized aluminium and darkened glass.

Photo of the World Financial Center under repair

The Barclay-Vesey Building still undergoing repairs. The building was heavily damaged by the collapse of the north WTC tower, as well as by the collapse of 7TC. The Barclary-Vesey Building is 32 stories tall and was completed in 1926.

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