July - September 2017

The Animal That Hides in Your Heart:
Your Animal Sign

tiger zodiac symbol

Tiger:   Magnetic, noble, enthusiastic, aggressive, reckless, passionate, emotional, frank, generous, polite, courageous, deep, sensitive, good leader. Also conceited, undisciplined, stubborn, disobedient, hasty, hot-tempered, argumentative. Good as a boss, explorer, or race car driver.
Compatible with Horses and Dogs, not Monkeys.
In 2017:   Tiger, expect an average year with some temporary and unnecessary anxiety and expect a strong improvement in career expectations. A long-ago friend or unexpected meeting may be helpful. Also, unexpected news may also turn your life upside down. Howover, you will have enough to support to come out ahead. Not an ideal year for major life changes, such as a move or marriage.

rabbit zodiac symbol

Rabbit (aka Cat):   Clever, peaceable, affectionate, prudent, cultivated, imaginative, cooperative, gregarious, tactful, sensitive, companionable, virtuous, artistic, articulate, compassionate, well-liked, and the luckiest and least aggressive of all signs. Also old-fashioned, devious, unimaginative, touchy, private, fussy, and a hypochondriac. Good as a lawyer, diplomat, or actor.
Compatible with Sheep and Pigs, not Roosters.
In 2017:   Rabbit, sorry but you should keep a low profile this year. Be cautious and vigilant, especially with your finances. Ask for advice regarding money issues amd before making any kind of personal or professional commitment. Concentrate on domestic pleasures and quality time with friends and family, but have low expectations for romance (if you're single). You might feel a little shaken at times when they are not the ones in control. You will ultimately come out ahead but only after much frustration. (Sorry…)

dragon zodiac symbol

Dragon:   Dynamic, astute, confident, enthusiastic, conscientious, popular, scrupulous, sentimental, emotional, fun-loving, healthy, generous, dynamic, artistic, lucky, successful, influential. Also hasty, anxious, stubborn, willful, loud, irritable, grouchy, exacting. Good as an artist, priest, or politician. Compatible with Monkeys and Rats, not Dogs.
In 2017:   Lucky dragon, expect a happy and eventful year if you understand and accept relevant criticisms from your close friends. Expect losses recouped, promotions, and new influential friends. This is your year to shine, whether in fame, power, status, prestige, fortune, love or romance. If you correct your strategies, there is no limit to your success. However, be cautious before making any major decisions.

snake zodiac symbol

Snake:   Refined, charming, wise, entrancing, deep, accommodating, deep, romantic, attractive, amusing, sympathetic, calm, confident, gentle, intuitive, shrewd. Also lavish, stingy, a sore loser, prone to procrastinating, possessive, pushy, fickle, lazy, self-critical, vindictive, quick-tempered, proud. Good as a philosopher, instructor, writer, psychiatrist, or prophesier.
Compatible with Roosters and Ox, not Pigs.
In 2017:   Snake, expect a spectacularly prosperous and successful year full of unexpected twists and rewarding connections both in personal and professional life. Projects will turn out to be profitable. This is the year you are rewarded for your patience and past perseverance. Relationships will be happy. You will be rewarded and recognized at work and have quality time at friends and family. However, be assured that bad news and family annoyances will be transient and without big consequences. You will save money for your future retirement.

horse zodiac symbol

Horse:   Friendly, athletic, busy, articulate, sentimental, intelligent, witty, confident, hard-working, independent. Also unfeeling, selfish, egocentric, hot-tempered, rebellious, unemotional, rude, impatient, pragmatic. Good as an adventurer, scientist, poet, or politician.
Compatible with Tigers and Dogs, not Rats.
In 2017:   Horse, expect a good year with minor setbacks, but stay vigilant and don't sit back and relax or day dream about riches for long. Home life goes well but watch for small disturbances in your career. You will overcome your problems if you keep a steady pace and are patient with the slow pace. Also try not to be upset too easily and all will be fine. Do not let your impatience or anger get in the way of your work and relationships.

ram zodiac symbol

Ram (aka Sheep or Goat):   Persistent, charming, rational, peace-loving, elegant, gentle, inventive, adaptable, cultured. Also pessimistic, discontented, intrusive, unsure, undisciplined, late, self-indulgent, materialistic. Good as an actor, gardener, or beachcomber.
Compatible with Pigs and Rabbits, not Ox.
In 2017:   Sheep, expect a cozy year with no major happenings, but overall success in business and job promotions. You may enjoy more time at home and minor challenges at work, though these won't be major causes for concern. You will ultimately be blessed with excellent earnings and wealth. Relationships might be a little dicey, but you have the courage to positively face most issues.

monkey zodiac symbol

Monkey:   Sharp, analytical, humorous, inventive, intelligent, skilled in business, independent, versatile, magnetic personality. Also opportunistic, conceited, unprincipled, untrustworthy, unfaithful, childish, distrustful. Good in any field.
Compatible with Dragons and Rats, not Tigers.
In 2017:   Monkey, expect a slightly tumultous year and new professional oppportunities, especially with movers and shakers met in meetings or workshops. This is time to get all your ideas and thoughts together to plan for the future. For single monkeys, the first half of the year is best for finding a soul mate. However, balance, respect, and alone time will help a relationship last. This is also a good year to spend time with your family.

rooster zodiac symbol

Rooster (aka Phoenix):   Passionate, lively, decisive, candid, resourceful, courageous, generous, adventurous, hard-working, feisty, industrious, tough, confident, sincere, talented. Also arrogant, nit-picky, suspicious, a braggart, sermonizing, brazen. Good as a publicist, soldier, world traveler, restaurant owner.
Compatible with Snakes and Ox, not Rabbits.
In 2017:   Lucky Rooster, this is your time for a comeback! You will solve your problems with ease and confidence and meet many influential people to help you. However, do not get carried away by success and money. Remember to take rest and spend sufficient time with family and friends. For single roosters, your soul mate is not far off, though this year is better in business than in your personal life.

dog zodiac symbol

Dog:   Brave, honest, faithful, generous, intelligent, caring, philosophical, reliable, unpretentious, unselfish. Also guarded, introverted, critical, stubborn, worrisome, fault-finding, sardonic, pessimistic. Good as a business person, activist, instructor, secret agent.
Compatible with Horses and Tigers, not Dragons.
In 2017:   Dog, unfortunately you can expect a mixed year with problems with health, romance, government, unnecessary quarrels, or bosses. Be very cautious and avoid new adventures if possible, unless you have guidance of a wise sage. A possibly confusing year, but as long as you don’t lose track you will be able to be okay. Remember good days are right ahead. Participating in sports like yoga is more beneficial than being a couch potato.

pig zodiac symbol

Pig (Boar):   Devoted, cheerful, scrupulous, charitable, fair, sensitive, generous, peaceful, impartial, sincere, tolerant. Also defenseless, cynical, obstinate, insecure, gullible. Good as an entertainer, lawyer.
Compatible with Rabbits and Sheep, not Snakes or other Pigs.
In 2017:   Pig, sorry but expect to spend lots of time and effort spent on new projects this year so try to be patient. Do not take financial risks and execessive expenses this year and if you must spend, do so with caution and care. Career and business for pigs might be a bit slow but your previous investments will eventually start paying off. Go slow on relationships with no rush to get committed. Take up or increase time spent on meditation and yoga.

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