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  Business in Asia:   A User's Guide
Avoid the faux pas made by President Clinton during a trip to Korea. Discover taboos such as touching a Thai on the head.
  Business in Asia:   Singapore: The Next Hong Kong?
Singapore is very receptive to foreign business and investment. It provides one of the most pleasant environments in the Far East in which to do business.
  Business in Asia:   Komodo Dragons, Bali, and Batik
Discover why Indonesia is more than the beautiful beaches of Bali and the carnivorous lizard known as the Komodo dragon.
  Business in Asia:   "Sawadee" from Thailand
Whether you are visiting Thailand for business or for your next vacation, you will always find a warm welcome in the land of smiles.
  Business in Asia:   Jeepneys, Balut, and Tagalog
The Philippines offer a very westernized environment in which to do business. Filipinos are incredibly hospitable people.
  Year of the Horse Postage Stamp Unveiled
February 11, 2002, the United States Postal Service (USPS) unveiled the "Year of the Horse" postage stamp honoring the Lunar New Year. Find out more about the history of the Chinese New Year's postage stamps and how you can get your own.
  Super-sized Americans Abroad
It is a well-known fact that world obesity levels are highest in the US, lending to the validity of the stereotype "overfed American." Overweight and tall Americans quickly find that the infrastructure in foreign countries for handling larger visitors is often absent. Super-sized Americans have to resign themselves to being super-uncomfortable whenever they venture overseas.
Get A Job
Considering an international job? Test your knowledge of some of the fascinating differences in interviewing around the world.
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