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  Profile of an Actor: Leah Zhang
The most important reward for me as an Asian-American actress is knowing that not only am I giving a human experience in my performance but more specifically an Asian-American experience. My ethnicity does become an issue in the roles that this business sees me being able to play.
Go:   Nine Minutes to Learn… a Life Time to Master
Name a board strategy game that has more technical complexity than Chess? Discover this mysterious but ancient Asian board strategy game for yourself.
Chinese Chess (Xiang Qi):   How To Play Chinese Chess
Discover the numerous ways of creating positional advantages that could later be converted into a wide range of "checkmating" scenarios.
  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon won four Academy Awards and two Golden Globe awards. Movie review.
  Opera by Any Other Name
Discover Chinese opera and its origins, storylines, costumes, facial painting, stage rituals and customs.

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