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1998 - Year of the Tiger

According to the Chinese zodiac, 1998 (beginning on January 28th according to the lunar calendar) will have characteristics much like the Tiger described on our home page. Unfortunately tiger years are also full of wars, unrest, dissension and catastrophes. Consider past Tiger events - such as Watergate, Irangate, the Chernobyl nuclear accident, and the space shuttle explosion. Witness already El Nino and La Nina, the current Asian currency crisis, and the current Clinton scandal. The Year of the Tiger is sure to a be a real shaker!!
The best advice for getting through this year of extremes is to proceed with caution. Especially be cautious with new partnerships, friendships and agreements - for these will be extremely fragile and prone to failure.

But donít despair! This year will bring out the best in each of us as we discover hidden strengths and are cleansed of negative energies. And by avoiding impetuous decisions you will emerge energized and triumphant, enabling you to enter into 1999, the Year of the Rabbit, a much easier time for all!

Chinese legend states that thousands of years ago, Buddha sent out a summons to all the animals in the kingdom. Only twelve animals answered this call. As a reward, Buddha endowed each animal with a year of its own in the order of arrival. From then on, each year of the Chinese calendar bore the characteristics of the animal of that name.

Using the Chinese zodiac, judge for yourself if the following characteristics describe yourself or your friends. First, find your animal by the date of your birth with the chart below. (If you are born from mid-January to mid-February, you will need to find out the date of the Chinese New Year for the year in which you were born as this changes each year in the lunar calendar. See the end of this article for suggested sources.)

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