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Feng Shui
  Feng Shui and the Ba Gua Mirror
Feng shui, Chinese geomancy, has been used for thousands of years by Chinese people to harmonize themselves to their environment and to create good fortune.
Feng Shui and the Ba Gua Mirror
8 Trigrams
  Feng Shui:   Myth or Truth
Can red paper under your business phone really bring you more business? Will a horse statue in your travel position cause more opportunities for travel or help you sell your house? Are these indeed truths gained from the over thousands of years of practice and experience, or are they instead myths helped along by the power of suggestion… In our series of stories from around the world to literally your back yard (or office), you be the judge... Myth or truth... you decide for yourself.
  Ba Gua Zhang (Eight Diagram Palms)
"The power of the eight diagram palms knows no bounds - the palms seem to strike even before the hands move. When the hand threads upward, it's like a hundred birds paying tribute to the phoenix; when it threads forward, it's like a tiger swooping downhill. Walking round and round, he is like a stray wild goose that has drifted from the flock; but when the palms are thrust forward, they can move a mountain. Now dodging, now ducking, his body slithers in and out; using the opponent's force he delivers a counter, blow, with as little effort as pushing a boat down the stream." Dong Hai Chuan, Father of Ba Gua Zhang

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