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  Koi – Living Works of Art
Genghis Khan originally seeded China with these fish in order to feed his armies on their return trip. Often mistaken as goldfish, this variety of carp is selectively bred to enhance a color mutation that developed long ago. Today they are bred for show - with some worth thousands of dollars. You might think twice about eating this fish!
  The World in Your Backyard – Koi Pond
A koi pond is a place where we can sit quietly in beauty, listen to the trickling water, watch the gleaming koi slide gracefully past and let the pressures of the world outside slip away. Discover the rewarding and challenging aspects of building a koi pond in your backyard.
  The Art of Bonsai
Bonsai have become enormously popular throughout the world in the last ten years, and yet, the art of bonsai is very little understood. Bonsai, meaning tree in a pot or tray in Japanese, is an art form which has evolved over 4000 years. We have pictorial records from ancient Egypt and know that Hindus grew trees in pots (mainly for medicinal purposes) and that in China the rudiments of bonsai go as far back as 2000 BC.
  Nature in Miniature: A Beginner’s Guide to Bonsai
When purchasing a bonsai, saikei, or bonkei, consider several important points. First and most importantly is that these are living trees needing the care and attention that goes with maintaining any special plant. Also some species of trees require more care and attention than others so keep one's gardening skill in mind. For beginners, consider starting with more easily grown species such as ginkgo, bougainvillaea, cypress, ficus, and juniper.

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