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  The Chinese Emperorsí Eternal Armies
Go back in time as Emperors Qin Shihuang and Jing Di prepare their eternal armies for service after their deaths.
Admiral Yi Sun-shin
The great Korean commander, Admiral Yi Sun-shin, of the late sixteenth century, wrote that a warrior must master three roads, four obligations, five skills, and ten keys to security. Find out more about these lessons, which are still useful today.

In part one of this article, meet Zhuge Liang, considered in modern China to be the most popular statesman and strategic general in Chinese history. Find out more about this amazing strategist and the impact he made on Chinese history...
Zhuge Liang (Kong Ming): The Original "Hidden Dragon" (Part 2)
This is a continuation of our study of Zhuge Liang, considered by historians to be the most accomplished (and feared) strategist in China's turbulent era of Three Kingdoms. Part one concentrated on the background and military strategy of Zhuge Liang. Part two concentrates on his non-military achievements, including his Sixteen Strategies (useful for those in management today) and other words of wisdom.
Sakamoto Ryoma: The Indispensable "Nobody"
When the fifteenth and last shogun, Yoshinobu Tokugawa, abdicated his rule and restored the emperor to his ancient seat of power in November 1867, Japan was well on its way to becoming an industrialized nation, rapidly modernizing and Westernizing in a unique Japanese sense. Much of the credit for this transformation goes to a low ranking samurai from the Tosa domain named Sakamoto Ryoma. Find out how this nobody helped overthrow the shogunate and save Japan from foreign subjugation.
Katsu Kaishu: The Man Who Saved Early Modern Japan
Katsu Kaishu—consummate samurai, streetwise denizen of downtown Edo, founder of the Japanese navy, statesman par excellence and always the outsider, historian and prolific writer, faithful retainer of the Tokugawa Shogun and mentor of men who would overthrow him—was among the most remarkable of the numerous heroes of the Meiji Restoration.

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