About Jade Dragon


Jade Dragon® Classical Formulas make the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine more accessible in today’s busy world. We take the same trusted teapills of the past and deliver them in a more convenient and concentrated format that’s sustainably sourced and quality tested by Master Herbalists.

Created for retailers, our easy-to-take botanical formulas are ideal for an herbal pharmacy or health food store. The formulas are uniquely tailored to support modern lifestyles and diets, and our customer-friendly labels make it easy for shoppers to choose the best products for their needs.


What Are Teapills and How Are They Made

Jade Dragon® teapills are exactly what they sound like - pills made from concentrated tea. They’re created by simmering down a botanical infusion until it forms a concentrate.

The concentrated tea is rolled into small pills and coated to create a gummy-like consistency, minimize flavor, and make them easier to swallow. This is how traditional Chinese formulas have been prepared for thousands of years, with our modern updates to support sustainability and make them even easier to take.

Tea pills are ideal for busy, on-the-go lifestyles, as they have a long shelf life and offer the more concentrated benefits of tea without having to steep a pot.


What Sets Jade Dragon® Classical Formulas Apart

A modern take on a classical formula, Jade Dragon® teapills are:

  • Easy to swallow due to their small size and rounded shape.
  • Packaged with easy-to-understand instructions and customer-friendly labels (contains both Pin Yin and English names).
  • Crafted from pharmacopeia-grade botanicals.
  • Rigorously tested for quality and safety - each lot is tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and microbials.
  • Manufactured under stringent dietary supplement cGMP requirements.

Nuherbs Teapills Quality and Testing

Our botanicals are sourced from specially selected fields and forests in China. Leaders at Nuherbs choose these locations for their ethical practices, ability to provide geo-authentic botanicals, and precise harvesting methods that ensure maximum quality.

Manufactured at an Australian TGA GMP and US cGMP-certified facility in Lanzhou, China, Nuherbs teapills undergo a rigorous inspection and testing process in both China and the United States, with Master Herbalists supervising each step of production.

Along with safety screenings, the teapills experience quality inspections and skip-lost testing to ensure they meet other standards, like pill size, color, water content, and more.


Created and Manufactured by Nuherbs, a Leader in Modern TCM and Herbalism

Jade Dragon® is a product line of modern TCM herbal supplements under Nuherbs. We’re a third-generation Chinese-American family business based in California. Jade Dragon draws from our family’s deep roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The product line was created by Dr. Bing Yin Lee, a respected and in-demand Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, who was among the first to earn her license in California. In 1979, she opened an herbal shop in Oakland’s Chinatown.

Our family’s herbal business uses reliable traditional formulas with contemporary improvements to supply high-quality Chinese herbal supplements worldwide.